Oak Class

The adults who work with us are: Mrs Russell, Mrs Vaughan, Miss Radford, Miss Sutton and Mrs Nuttall.



September 2017



Class News- Autumn 2017

Oak class have had a brilliant start to year 1. They have been challenging themselves and I am very proud of what they've achieved so far.

The children love our knights & Castles topic. We are looking forward to our very own Battle of Hastings.



Spring 2017

During the first half of the spring term Oak class learnt about the Vikings. The children loved learning about the past and were intrigued by all the new facts they learnt. The children learnt about Viking life, clothes, travel, craft, food and home life... They even built their own Viking village by the sea! The children watched video clips, researched using books and on the internet to find the information they were looking for, and they used it to produce fantastic written work, drawings and models. 

We linked our Vikings topic to non-fiction texts and looked at a range of them to find the different features on non-fiction texts, and they even created their own. 

In maths Oak class have been developing our calculation and problem solving skills. 


Next Term-Spring 2

During the second half of the spring term the topic in Oak class will be 'Holmesdale in Bloom' and we will also be working with traditional tale and Fairy tales in English.


Holmesdale in Bloom Homework


Class News- Autumn 2016


During the second half of the autumn term Oak class have enjoyed learning about celebrations including Divali, Bonfire night and Christmas. They have chosen to extend their learning during discovery and have challenged themselves brilliantly! The children have particularly enjoyed experiencing things first hand during enrichment days.

I am very proud of the progress all the children in Oak class have made in their writing and handwriting, well done!


In the New Year our topic is The Vikings. The children will be learning about how and where they explored, everyday life, Gods, crafts and tradings etc.


Vikings Homework

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