Chestnut class

The adults who work with us are:  Mrs Sharratt, Mrs Johnson, Mrs Vaughan, Miss Radford and Mrs Nuttall.








Class News- Autumn 2017

Having come from 3 different classes, the children in Chestnut are bonding well and make a great team.They enjoy working with new friends and are a super class.


We are all thoroughly enjoying the topic Knights & Castles and the children's enthusiasm is a pleasure to see.  Don't forget to ask your child about the Battle of Hastings!


I am so impressed with how well they have settled into the morning routine and look forward to our learning in year 2.



Spring  2017


During this term we have been learning about the Vikings.  Chestnut class built an amazing Viking village as well as a longhouse in the classroom.  They enjoyed learning about the raids on Lindisfarne and reenacting these scenes.  The children worked very hard to research and learn all about non-fiction texts and the features found in these books and all created their own page for our class book.  Their writing skills are quite impressive!  We also created a display of Chestnut Vikings on the high seas in their longboat.


In Science they carried out an investigation using ice and discovered the best places to prevent it from melting too quickly.


In maths we have had plenty of opportunities to practice our adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing.  The children have also been persevering to learn all about money and time!


Next Term- Spring 

Our topic next term is Holmesdale in Bloom'. 

Holmesdale in Bloom Homework


Class News- Autumn 2016


This year the children in Chestnut have worked extremely hard everyday. Our topics have included learning about Dronfield and we enjoyed going on a long walk to see the local area. The children wrote some interesting recounts and included lots of facts. Our visit to the woods was also lots of fun and we created 3D pictures focusing on transport in our local area.

I would like to say how proud I am of everyone's handwriting this term. their hard work is also noticeable in both English and Maths.

Next Term- Spring 1

The Vikings with be our focus in January. 


Vikings Homework 

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