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The adults who help us are: Mrs Wignell, Mrs Johnson, Mrs Clayton, Mrs Nuttall.








September Newsletter 2017

Class News- Autumn 2017


Maple class have had a wonderful start to school by taking time to create new friendships, learn new routines and take time to explore and discover their surroundings.

This term we will  be taking time to develop and deepen phonic knowledge, practising how to say each letter sound and blending these sounds to create words. 

Listening and exploring many stories, following and writing instructions. This will include making and eating sandwiches!! Chocolate spread has been requested!

In Maths, we will be exploring number in many areas of the classroom, including a number hunt. Year 1 will be looking at place value and patterns of number.



Spring 2017

The children have enjoyed searching the school environment for mini beasts and were excited to use the pooters (Sucking up device to collect small insects!). No log was left unturned in their challenge to identify as many mini beasts as they could. We observed different habitats and how these are important for life. 

We have looked closely at the different parts of a flower and what a flower needs to grow. Time has been spent planting different seeds and measuring growth and looking at duration of time for each stage of growth.


Next Term Topics:

Reception- Wish you were here

Year 1- What's in a frame



Spring 1 2017

The children in Maple have been using their imagination pretending to be many different characters.

Year 1 children have researched and found out many facts about 'The Vikings' and spent a full day dressed as a Viking, taking part in a range of activities including a Viking lunch to secure, develop and enrich learning. 

Reception children have been deepening their communication skills through speaking and listening as part of our Let's Pretend topic. We even had a dress-up day where all the Reception children got to come to school dressed as their favourite characters.


Next Term

Next term Spring 2, our topics are;

Holmesdale in Bloom -Year 1

Big Bugs- Reception


Holmesdale in Bloom Homework


Class News- Autumn  2016

Christmas was a wonderful time in Maple. I feel very proud of everyone in Maple for all their enthusiasm, hard work and sparkle they gave to our Christmas productions!  

Next term

Next half term year 1 will be going back in time to explore the 'Vikings'. We will be investigating and gathering information to understand what life was like? What Vikings ate? Did they go to school? 

Reception is all about 'Let's Pretend' many characters will be explored and we will be going on a journey of imagination.



Vikings Homework


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