Maple Class

The adults who help us are: Mrs Wignell, Mrs Johnson, Mrs Clayton, Mrs Nuttall.


Mrs Wignell - Class Teacher
  1. Mrs Wignell - Class Teacher
  2. Mrs T Johnson - HLTA

Mrs Wignell - Class Teacher


A selection of photographs of Maple Class


Class News-

Spring 2018

Maple class continue to be the best they can be. We have a very positive approach to our thinking and learning and enjoy taking part in challenges with great determination and a big smile!

Our topic 'under and over' led to great exploration of whats underneath our feet and above our heads. The children had great fun using their imagination in our under the sea role-play complete with hidden treasure and our space station which is  orbiting Earth!

The children have shown great success in recognising and saying the sounds of the alphabet and blending these sounds together to create words. Many children started to apply their phonic knowledge to their written words creating some wonderful stories. The children in year one have been concentrating on adding detail to their sentences to develop content and leave the reader wanting the next chapter!


In Maths, We have been securing knowledge of number through songs and focused activities and using this skill and knowledge to solve calculations. Length has been a focus with children taking time to measure objects within the environment using standard and non- standard units of measure. We even made a bed for a king!


Speaking and listening has been a focus this term ensuring that children take time to listen and respond and to deepen vocabulary. 

Word list books have proved a great success over the term with children being very  proud when they recieve a new list and many children completing all lists!

A big well done! 



Autumn 2017


Maple class have had a wonderful start to school by taking time to create new friendships, learn new routines and take time to explore and discover their surroundings.

This term we will  be taking time to develop and deepen phonic knowledge, practising how to say each letter sound and blending these sounds to create words. 

Listening and exploring many stories, following and writing instructions. This will include making and eating sandwiches!! Chocolate spread has been requested!

In Maths, we will be exploring number in many areas of the classroom, including a number hunt. Year 1 will be looking at place value and patterns of number.








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