Meet the Staff

Executive Headteacher-  Mrs C Robinson

Head of school/Reception Teacher- Mrs S Lockwood

Teaching staff

Mrs Sharratt- Year 2
Ms E O’Donnell- Year 1/2
Mrs K Attwood- Year 1/2
Mrs Russell- Year 1
Mrs J Wignell- Year 1/Reception
Mrs S Best- Reception

Mrs S Holloway (Pianist)
Mrs J Bristow    (French)

Teaching Assistants

Mrs T Johnson (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)
Ms L Vaughan ( Higher Level Teaching Assistant)

Mrs J Radford

Mrs S Johnson
Miss E Sutton
Mrs N Clayton
Miss L Radford
Mrs V Nuttall

Non Teaching staff

Mrs M Freeland-  School Business Officer
Mrs R Fenby- School Business Assistant
Mr P Hawkins- Caretaker

School Meals staff

Mrs J Harrison- School cook
Mrs K Dann- Kitchen Assistant
Mrs J Lambert- Kitchen Assistant

Mid-day supervisors

Mrs Wilkinson-  Oak Class Supervisor (Senior Midday Supervisor)
Mrs C Matthews- Maple Class Supervisor
Mrs L Dodd- Chestnut Class Supervisor
Mrs A Marsh- Ash Class Supervisor
Mrs D Prest-Willow Class Supervisor

Play Leader

Miss C Jackson


Mrs C Robinson- Executive Headteacher




Mrs Lockwood - Head of School/ Reception Teacher (Willow Class)



Mrs Sharratt - Year 2 Teacher (Chestnut Class)



Ms O'Donnell - Year 1/2 Teacher (Ash Class)


 Mrs Atwood- Year 1/2 Teacher (Ash Class)

Mrs Russell- Year 1 Teacher  (Oak Class)



Mrs Wignell - Year 1/Reception (Maple Class)



Mrs Best - Reception Teacher (Willow Class)


Mrs Johnson Higher Level  Teaching Assistant



Mrs Vaughan- Higher Level Teaching Assistant




Miss Sutton - Teaching Assistant



Miss Radford - Teaching Assistant



Mrs Clayton - Teaching Assistant



Mrs Johnson - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Johnson - Teaching Assistant



Mrs Nuttall - Teaching Assistant


Mrs Radford - Teaching Assistant






Mrs Freeland - School Business Officer



Mrs Fenby - School Business Assistant


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