As a school, we are very aware that parents are under a considerable amount of pressure trying to support their children with all the formal schoolwork and learning each day and this is even harder if you are trying to work from home yourself. It can also be very intensive for the children working alone with an adult and this can sometimes cause stress for all involved. We also worry that the children are spending a great deal of time on screens in order to continue their learning at home, as this is the most efficient way to share everything with you.
We want to help and support all our families to stay positive and healthy in mind and body, as at a time like this it is equally as important as the continuation of an academic education. If either you or the children are feeling tired or stressed then progress and learning will not happen.
Therefore, during this lockdown we are launching our ‘Feel Fabulous Friday’. Each Friday your child /children’s teacher will share a simple set of fun activities for your child to do that does not involve a screen. Some of these can be done alone; some may need a little support. The emphasis is on ‘fun’ and there is no expectation that you do them all. This will be the only work set and sent out on a Friday.
For the children who are attending school these activities will take place on a Friday however, you may decide to do them on a different day due to your own workload (if this is the case simply keep the activities to one side for the day you choose to do them) or you may want to split them up over the week. We would love to see some pictures of any of the activities you do manage to do.
So all that is left for me to say is – it’s fabulous Friday, have fun!

Mrs Lockwood



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