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Below is a story and sheet about life in lockdown for children: 

Lucy in Lockdown 

Lucy in Lockdown sheet 2


A worksheet for some PE ideas at home

Real PE week 1


Home Learning- Week beginning Monday 13th July

Summer Sun Topic


Home Learning-Week beginning Monday 29th June 

English: Y1&2 ENGLISH PLANNING - Stories from other culturesTiddalik ebook

Mrs Russell reads 'Why Frogs Can Only Croak'.


Australia - Y2 - topic planning,      All-about-Australia-powerpoint,      Australian-animals-differentiated-reading-comprehension-activity,      Y1 & Y2 - Lamington recipe,      Comparing-australia-and-the-uk-powerpoint

What-is-a-continent-powerpoint,      Continents of the world powerpoint,      Continents Mini fact file Book,      Continents-of-the-World-Activity-Sheet,      Continents-of-the-world-differentiated-reading-comprehension-activity,      The-seven-continents-labelling-activity,      Continents-and-oceans-word-search,      World-Map- continents & oceans,      Continents-and-oceans crossword,      Oceans-and-continents-cut-and-stick-activity


Maths: Halving PLANNING - Y1 &Y2Doubling and halving gameHalving jungle gameProblem cards - HalvingHalving space race gameDoubling-And-Halving-Challenge-Cards


Day 1 - 'oo' & 'you' (1)

Day 2 - 'oo' & 'you' (2)

Day 3 - 'oo' & 'you' (3)

Day 4 - 'oo' & 'you' (4)

Day 5 - 'n'

Day 6 - 'ow' (1)

Day 7 - 'ow' (2)

Day 8 - 'ow' (3)

Day 9 - 'ow' (4)

Day 10 - 'ng'

Mrs Radford's Phase 6 - Summer 2 wk 5- 'kn' 'gn'

Mrs Radford's Phase 6 - Summer 2 wk 6 - 'y' as an 'igh'


Year 2 VIPER's: Book links Y2 Australia,      Sleep Well, Siba and Saba,      Grandad's Island,      The Boy Who Learned to Fly Film Vipers Guide


Week beginning Monday 22th June

Under the Sea topic planning

English: ENGLISH PLANNING,           

Activity 3 - non-fiction features,  Fact Cards,  Questions and Answers,    

Activity 4 - The Amazing Octopus - NF book

Activity 5 - sharks & octopus ppt,

Activity 6 - sea-creature-fact-ppt animals pics & lots of adjectives what-lives-in-the-ocean-ppt,

Activity 6 Fact sheets: bluewhale,        dolphins,         hammerhead,         killerwhales,         sharks,          blue-whale-fact-sheet


Year 2 Book Vipers: Book links under sea.pdfStorm whale in winter Reading Viper.pdfBubbles Film Vipers Guide.pdf

Maths: Doubling PLANNINGSlides for doubling planning

Science Resources to support-:Ocean resources activity cards and sheets


Day 1 - igh (1).pdf

Day 2 - igh (2).pdf

Day 3 - igh (3).pdf

Day 4 - igh (4).pdf

Day 5 - f.pdf

Day 6 - oa (1).pdf

Day 7 - oa (2).pdf

Day 8 - oa (3).pdf

Day 9 - oa (4).pdf

Day 10 - m.pdf 

Mrs Radford's Group (Phase 6)

Mrs Radford's Phase 6 - Summer 2 wk 3 - 'j' UPDATED

Mrs Radford's Phase 6 - Summer 2 wk 4 - 'c' as 's'


Week beginning Monday 1st June


Miss Milner sharing the story 'The Huge Bag of Worries'

English: Book Links, The Huge Bag of WorriesBag of Worries Week 1, Bag of Worries Week 2, Lost and Found, A Cloudy Lesson.

Mrs Radford's Phase 6: Week1 and Week2 

Maths: ResourcesSheet1 and Sheet2

Maths extra challenges: Easier and Harder

Art: Mood Art

Feelings and Emotions Cards


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10


Week beginning Monday 18th May


Get Moving

Please click image to take part in our star challenges by completing different activities.  Please upload any work to share on evidence me or via email. 

Mrs T Johnson PE Challenge

PE Challenge


Home Learning- Monday 4th May to Monday 18th May


Grandpa and Lollipop's Back Garden Safari

Click the book to listen to Mrs Wileman share ' Lollipop and Grandpa's Back Garden Safari


Click the flower Flower  for activities to support  the text.

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